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5 Steps to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

Real Budget For A Successful Digital Marketing Plan

In this article we will analyze how to create your company's digital marketing plan, the costs involved, and we will draw an effective strategy. We are almost in 2021 and most people, even if they understand the importance of digital marketing, do not know exactly how to create a digital marketing plan that can work over time. In this article we will clarify all this.

What we need to create a digital marketing plan

Obviously, and as the word itself explains, to create a digital marketing plan, you need an online presence.

If you are thinking that an online presence means creating a Facebook business page, an Instagram account and posting one photo a day… let me tell you, you are very wrong. Did you know that Facebook has a very low organic reach? Organic reach is the total number of unique users who have seen your post through free distribution methods. Translated into simpler words, Facebook will only show our posts to a small percentage of our contact list. Because? Simply because it chooses, according to the data collected, the people who could be most interested in the topic you are dealing with.

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We are now going to analyze what you absolutely have to do to have a very strong online presence, and the related costs.

We will discuss some fundamental points.

– Brand creation

– Creation of the Website

– Creation of social networks

– Email Marketing

– SEM, SEO, and keywords

Brand creation - Digital Marketing Plan - phase 2

For brand creation is understood the creation of your logo. It seems simple but the Logo of your company should be thought very well! Not so much its form or writing, which are clearly very important, but above all because its colors will guide everything that will come...web page, promotions, social networks, among others. There are many people in the world who can make a logo, we also offer this service to the agencies we follow. If you are deciding what color to make your logo, I advise you to visit this website and play with their color palettes. You will find many ideas in a short time.

Creation of the website- Digital Marketing Plan - phase 2

We all know that for an effective digital marketing plan, our presence on the internet has to be channeled to a web page where we provide detailed information about what we do. The most important point and the most frequently asked question is… how do I make my website? Obviously, there are thousands of companies and thousands of freelancers ready to assist you, each with their own price and experience... but the big problem is another.

What people don't realize is that websites are extremely powerful tools. They are tools that you should know how to use, at least in a basic way. When an agency finishes its work, it gives us tools that we don't know how to use, a car that we don't know how to drive. They do not need to spend thousands of dollars in a web agency, there are much cheaper options. Here is a great offer that our agency has for our readers. I assure you that you will not find anything like that anywhere.

Email Marketing- Digital Marketing Plan - phase 3

Long-term digital marketing plan

Email marketing is a fundamental part of our digital marketing plan. We need in some way, through discounts, promotions, important information, or using any other idea we can think of, to get the mail from our followers. Through it, we will make our voice heard in a timely manner, keeping the memory of our brand alive in the mind of those who visited us on our page. To collect postage I advise working with landing pages. In addition to this they will need to create an account in some autoresponder. To do this, I consider that mailchimp It may be the best option because up to 2000 emails per month can register and use them for free.

Creation of social networks - Digital Marketing Plan - phase 4

Creating social networks is extremely important. From here we will send paid traffic to our website or to our landing pages. You don't need to be professional digital graphics, we have the solution for you. In fact, our agency can provide you with photos for your social networks at a price that would make any web agency cringe…contact us to find out more about it.

Facebook is the main platform they have to use. With 2.8 billion active users each month, it continues to dominate the rankings of the most used social networks in the world. They may open other channels, depending on what they offer. Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest among others, but Facebook is essential. It is advisable to start with cold campaigns of $3 daily to know the public that might be interested in your future offers. If you want a complete and personalized strategy, you can contact us.

SEM, SEO, and keywords - Digital Marketing Plan - phase 5

What is meant by SEO and SEM, how they work and how important they are in our digital marketing plan.

The answer is… they are very important! The 2 work using keywords, SEO is totally free and SEM is paid. The 2 have as a goal, that our page is placed on the first page of Google for a certain keyword that users search for internally. With SEO, we will structure our page in such a way that Google automatically understands its topic and can classify it as an interesting page on the topic. This will take a lot of time and many efforts, such as content creation, backlinks (pages that deal with the same topic and have a link to ours) among others. The good thing is that it is a logical job, long but logical, everyone can do it.

SEM works in exactly the same way, with keywords. The only difference is that this time we will be paying a CPC (Cost per click) to Google every time someone enters our page. In simpler words, our web page will be catapulted into the top positions of Google search for the specific keyword for which we are advertising. Every time a user will search for this word or phrase in Google, we will be among the options (Impression), and we will pay every time a user will enter our website from there (Click).

How can we know how many people search for these phrases or keywords? Simple, there are many tools. If we decide to go for SEM, Google itself will make its tool available to us. Google Keyword Planner is the tool that will tell us how many people search for the keywords that we are deciding to use, and what their CPC will be, that is, how much we will have to pay for each person who will click on our ad.

As far as SEO is concerned, I advise you to use another Google tool called Keywords Everywhere. It has a very low cost and accessible to all. To use it they will have to add a Google extension. Very fast and easy. 

Summary on how to create a Digital Marketing Plan

Creating your online presence is a long and tedious but logical job! They will not find any problem if they decide to do it alone. Get to know the tools or trust only recognized Web Agencies that speak clearly and transparently. Remember to go step by step, do not rush, think about each action taken. Do not buy packages from people who promise to send traffic to their website in exchange for $20…they are fake!! I hope this article has shed some light on how to create an effective digital marketing plan.

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