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Why make a web page?

In 2020, almost 2021, making a website is a priority for any company. Not only will we send all the traffic that we will be able to engage in social networks, for example, but it will be a perfect summary of what our company does. So, there is no more need to explain it every time we have a client in front of us. Making a web page is essential today, we all know it, but not all of us know what we can really do when we have one.

Advantages of making a website

We are going to analyze the advantages that we will have in making a web page.

– A strong online presence that presents your business

– Possibility of collecting mail and proposing an email Marketing strategy

– You can promote your page in Google Ads (A website is required to access)

– You will be able to use Facebook pixels when you promote your website on the Platform

– You can have access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor who visits your page

– A web page can expand to infinity, always adding more content and making itself known more organically

– You can create backlinks (other web pages that have a link to yours) and greatly expand your business reach

Make a web page

There are many very easy-to-use software that you can add to your web page to make it larger and consequently more interesting and more visited organically.

It depends on what you are looking for. There are many ways to make a web page. From programs that will allow you to make the page yourself without any kind of experience to hiring a web agency or a freelancer.

My main advice is to try to make it yourself, to ensure complete control over it. It is of little use to be given a very powerful tool if you do not know how to use it.

Hire an agency to make a website

(Variable price, from $800)

The vast majority of people, when they think of making a website, think directly of calling a Digital agency. Let me tell you, it may turn out to be the worst and most expensive line you can follow. I have worked, over the years, in many digital companies and... why do you think mine? Because I never agreed with the policy of these companies. Get the job done fast and get paid faster. I can tell you from experience that 99% of the web pages that I have seen created in agencies, failed. The most curious thing is that they all failed for the same reason. Lack of knowledge. They give you something you don't know how to handle. From there you will contact the agency again for each change and no agency works for free…

Hire a freelancer

(Variable price from $200)

There are 2 kinds of freelancers... The one who has just started and no agency hires him and the one who has a lot of experience and costs you as an agency, but follows you 100 times better.

Unfortunately, in all cases we have a big problem, communication between the parties. Different languages and different hours are the biggest problems in the case.

If you want to hire a freelancer to make a website, I advise you to go through a platform like Workana. These platforms take care of your money until you are happy with the work received. Only problem? Many who work on these platforms, are at first weapons... Good luck then...

do it alone

(Variable price from $50)

There are many platforms like Wix (by corporate websites) or Shopify (for e-commerce) that will guide you step by step in the creation of your web page. It will not be complicated, and if you are a creative person I assure you that it will be very easy for you. The problem with these platforms is that they will make you pay monthly for anything you want to add to them. Every month you will have to pay to be online, we are not talking about a lot for a corporate website, but we are talking about important figures for e-commerce. Prices always change, so I'd better put a link for you to check for yourselves.

website development

The best option to make a web page is undoubtedly WordPress. In addition to being totally free, apart from hosting and domain, it has an infinite number of options to attach to the page (Plugins). You will only have to pay annually for your hosting and domain to be online. Unfortunately WordPress requires a bit of setup, it's not as intuitive as Wix or Shopify. But, if you have time and would like to start developing your page, you can find thousands of tutorials on youtube.


I hope this article has cleared your mind a little about how and why to make a web page, for any doubt you may have, you can always contact meI will answer you personally.

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